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Hair Care Guide


At Dreamy Hair Fashions we are committed to providing you with quality 100% virgin hair.
To ensure your full satisfaction with our hair, please follow these recommended hair care


Use a good quality, sulphate-free shampoo to keep your new hair clean and moisturised.
Sulphate free shampoos won’t dry out your hair or leave it stiff. Brush your hair and remove all tangles before shampooing. When shampooing the hair, always wash it in a downward motion.
Use your fingers in a horizontal motion between wefts to clean your scalp. When rinsing, do the same to be sure that the entire shampoo and conditioner residue is washed out.

Treat your new hair to a deep conditioning every 2 to 3 weeks. Be sure NOT to over condition in order to maintain body in the hair.


When you sleep, we highly recommend that you braid, wrap or gently tie up your hair extensions to prevent tangling. NEVER SLEEP ON LOOSE, WET HAIR. Cotton pillow cases can dry out your hair. Sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear a satin scarf.

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